Here is a little taste of what folks have had to say about our music over the years...

“Soaring harmonies and gentle harping”
The Australian Folk Harp Journal

“Despite serene appearances, both women crackle with energy and humour, both on stage and off… weaving an ethereal mix of ancient folk music with modern influences.”
Grant Kerr, Saint John Telegraph Journal

“…it was the songs sung from the heart of their lives that held the most power to move… they helped the duo establish an intimacy with the audience that had many clapping and tapping along.”
Belle Hatfield, Yarmouth Vanguard

“Ardyth & Jennifer are building a sizzling career with their soothing harp-playing and folk-tinged singing”
Sandy MacDonald, The Daily News

“In a sea of voices and sounds that emanated from the festival's five stages, the sweet sound of their dual harps and voices could be heard, crystal clear… this group will be heard about lots in the years to come.”
Troy Greencorn, Artistic Director, Stan Rogers Folk Festival

“Ardyth & Jennifer are a breeze of inspiration. They are professional and audiences completely enjoyed their wonderful performance.”
Bernie Melanson, Organizer, Springhill Music Festival

“Their music, like their personalities, is thoroughly enjoyable!”
Liz Rigney, Host of Breakfast Television, ASN/ATV

“Ardyth and Jennifer are both accomplished harpists, but it is the duo's haunting vocal harmonies that make their sound absolutely unique.”
Tom Plewman, Madrigalia newsletter

“Ardyth & Jennifer inspire and delight, they captivated the very spirit of the Tall Ships Arrival Ceremonies. Their beautiful voices blended with the harps and gave new life to the tradition of Celtic Music.”
Martha Reynolds, Arrival Ceremonies, Tall Ships 2000