All our CDs except for "Spark" are available online through CD baby, (click on the titles you wish to buy: Room to Breathe, Learn to Fly, WinterFire, Promise or Awakening) and through Bullfrog Music. If you are in Halifax, you can find them at Little Mysteries Books, The Bogside Gallery, CD Plus or by e-mail. If ordering by e-mail please include your full "snail mail" address with postal code, let us know which CDs you would like to purchase, and then send a cheque or money order for the full amount (all CDs are $20.00 tax included, except for Spark, which is $10.00, tax included), made out to "Ardyth & Jennifer" at 5 Aaron Avenue, Shad Bay, N.S., B3T 2B5. Shipping and handling charges are included within Canada- please e-mail us for totals to other destinations. Please allow two to three weeks for delivery.

All CDs are currently only available in a few select retail stores. If you would like to enquire about carrying them in your store please send us an e-mail.

Room to Breathe (Buy it now)

Room to Breathe

“Room to Breathe” is a simple, instrumental CD that has been many years in the making. We have been playing together for over a decade, writing instrumental pieces and arranging traditional tunes for receptions, weddings, private parties and gala dinners. Not feeling like trained musicians we were hesitant to release a “naked CD” of just harp and flute, but after many requests from friends and family we decided to go in to the studio once again. The tracks for this CD were mostly recorded during three or four intensive days spent in Pam Mason’s wonderful new studio. After letting them sit for a while, we came back in to listen, planning on adding some other instruments such as bass, cello, percussion, pipes or whistles. As we listened, we started to realize that there was a certain magic to the simplicity of two harps or a harp and flute together that we didn’t want to lose. The more we thought about adding instruments, the more we realized that sometimes “less is more” and our new CD was born. With a little bit of Pam’s magic getting the perfect natural sound of the harps and the flute we have largely left the tracks untouched, leaving us with a CD of quiet, thoughtful music that we think has lots of “Room to Breathe”…

“Room To Breathe” was recorded in 2008 by Pam Mason at Pooka Studios. Mastered by Steve Richard at Curve Media and manufactured by MMS Atlantic. All songs were written or arranged by Ardyth Robinson and Jennifer Wyatt and have been registered with SOCAN. Special thanks to CMRRA for permission to record parts of “The Braveheart Theme” by James Horner.

Learn To Fly (Buy it now)

Learn to Fly

Learn To Fly is a collection of original songs featuring the incredible sound of harps and voices along with some wonderful guest musicians featuring Pam Mason on acoustic bass, Ken Shorley on percussion, Hugh Sweeney on jazz trumpet, Troy MacGillivray on Fiddle, Glenn Coolen on Uillean Pipes, Irish flute and penny whistle, John Meir on banjo and Jim McCready on Blues harp.

Produced at the newly christened Pooka Studios studio under the watchful eyes and ears of Pam Mason, mastered by Steve Richard at Curve Media and manufactured at MMS ATlantic, this CD celebrates the unique sound that Ardyth & Jennifer have managed to discover throughout their years together.



This little mini disc was produced at the wonderful home studio of Pam Mason, mastered by Steve Richard at Big Sky Studio One, and manufactured by Reg McMichaels at Put It On CD. We had fun putting it together, and we have had an overwhelming response to the songs and arrangements.

Spark is only available at our concerts or from our website by email:

WinterFire (Buy it now)

Winter Fire

Additional musicians included Pam Mason on acoustic bass, Ken Shorley on percussion, Rick Tersteeg on cello, Glen Coolen on whistles, and Mark Currie on Didgereedoo. And if you're wondering how a didgereedoo fits into a Christmas CD, well, you'll just have to buy it to see...

WinterFire was recorded and mixed by Steve Richard at Big Sky Studio One and co-produced by Ardyth & Jennifer with the expert help of Pam Mason. It is currently on its third pressing.

Promise (Buy it now)


Extra musicians for this project included (once again) Pam Mason on bass and Merilee Temple on cello. Ken Shorley also joined us on Djambe, Hand drum and other percussion instruments. Cathy Porter helped to produce the album (and added subtle accordian on one tune). Promise was recorded at Big Sky Studio One in Bedford under the watchful eyes and ears of Steve Richard and Larry Walker. It was mixed by Al Strickland and mastered by Don Chapman. Promise is on its fourth pressing.

Awakening (Buy it now)


Extra musicians for this recording included Pam Mason on bass, Merilee Temple on cello, Cathy Porter on percussion and John Goodman on uillean pipes and Irish flute. Awakening was recorded and produced at Soundmarket Recording Studios on Gottingen Street, Halifax, under the watchful eye of Terry Pulliam, and mastered by Don Chapman. Back by popular demand, Awakening has been re-released this year again for its fifth pressing.